Luxembourg real estate market

Everything You Need To Know About Renting a Room in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most developed countries in the world, not just in Europe. Thanks to its excellent economy it has one of the highest GDP per capita. That leads to a constant flow of foreign workers. As a result of that, Luxembourg’s real estate market is a dynamic one, driven by a continuous demand for rooms, houses, and flats for rent. Continue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Renting a Room in Luxembourg” »

real estate in Austria

Specific Steps to Buying Real Estate in Austria

There are some restrictions on the manner in which foreign nationals can purchase and possess property in Austria. Indeed, historically there were some more significant steps that a foreign national had to undertake in order to be able to buy and own real estate in the country. However, in recent years, there has been a general relaxation in regard to the laws that govern the foreign ownership of real estate in Austria. Continue reading “Specific Steps to Buying Real Estate in Austria” »

jakarta property

Jakarta Property Market

Indonesia and Jakarta in particular is in the grip of a construction boom with condominiums, offices, malls and mixed-use complexes springing up all over the city and its environs. An astounding 83.3 per cent of Indonesia’s gross fixed capital formation last year was spent on buildings. At the moment, Jakarta property development in is centered around the middle end of the market, and regionally, in west Jakarta and the fringe of the CBD. Unit prices in Jakarta average US$1,552 per sqm, which compares well with other popular city locations in the region. Continue reading “Jakarta Property Market” »