Ho Chi Minh City villa for sale

Formerly known officially as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the hub of business, financial and social activities in the country. This city is rich in culture as it has a history that goes back to hundreds of years. This region was initially settled by the Khmers, then taken over by the Vietnamese in the 17th Century before being conquered by the French in 1859. This resulted in several charming architectures like, villas, offices, museums, churches, etc. and wide boulevards that have retained the French style and survived till this day. Apart from being a culturally rich fun spot, this city is also an excellent place for a home and has housing options, like villas, that suit any needs.

The city is made up of 24 districts, with each of them having their peculiar attractions. Here are a few districts that are great neighborhoods and have villas for sale in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City villa for sale

District 3

This district is thought by many to be an ideal place to live in Saigon. The area is quite close to the sights and sounds of District 1, and this allows residents to live close to the action but keep a healthy distance from the noise and bustle. The parks and recreational activities available here also encourage and attract residents.

District 3 offers old French colonial villas, apartments and houses tucked down alleys. The price of accommodation varies based on the type of accommodation, but the elegant French style villas come highly recommended. Due to the small size of the streets, this area is prone to traffic congestion.

Ho Chi Minh City villa for sale

District 2

District 2 is a popular choice amongst expats with long-term residential goals. They usually want living standards that reflect what they are used to. This district, while close to the District 1 (City center), is still far enough to retain a secluded feel.

District 2 (especially the Thao Dien Ward and An Phu Ward) is an attractive residential community for expats and well-to-do Vietnamese with families. This is because residing here ensures a high standard of living. The district offers less crowded streets, a good number of international schools, and varied housing options. The beautiful French style villas – with the option of pools and fenced compounds – available here come at reasonable prices. There are a good number of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, schools and offices that can be found all around this district.

Ho Chi Minh City villa for sale


District 7

This district shares some similarities with District 2, some of these are; the number of expats that live here, high-quality housing, etc. This district is made up of wide boulevards with French style villas for families and quality apartment buildings for small units. It is almost exclusively residential as there is little development beyond housing. It is the perfect place to enjoy peace, quiet and nature.

District 7 (especially the Phu My Hung ward) caters well to expatriates with their international schools, grocery stores, restaurants, retail shops, etc.

In terms of nightlife, this district does not have much. Its selling point is the quiet and peaceful atmosphere away from the noise and chaos of the city center.