Ho Chi Minh City villa for sale

Villas for Sale in Ho Chi Minh City: French Style Villas

Formerly known officially as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the hub of business, financial and social activities in the country. This city is rich in culture as it has a history that goes back to hundreds of years. This region was initially settled by the Khmers, then taken over by the Vietnamese in the 17th Century before being conquered by the French in 1859. This resulted in several charming architectures like, villas, offices, museums, churches, etc. and wide boulevards that have retained the French style and survived till this day. Apart from being a culturally rich fun spot, this city is also an excellent place for a home and has housing options, like villas, that suit any needs. Continue reading

Parc Riviera Singapore

The 4 Best Areas to Buy a Property in Singapore: A Complete Guide for Expats

As finding a house is never an easy task, this guide is focused on expats in a bid to buy or rent a property for sale in Singapore. As a foreigner in Singapore searching for a property, deciding on the best location that will properly suit you and perhaps your family, might be difficult. Hence, this guide focuses on the top four areas that an expat should consider before purchasing property in Singapore. Continue reading

Pampanga property for sale

Prices of Properties for Sale in Pampanga: An Overview

Sitting on the northern shore of the Manila Bay, Pampanga is mainly an industrial province specializing in farming and fishing. The province is known for its sophisticated culinary work. The dishes here can be considered one of the best ones you can find in the country. It’s rightfully dubbed as the ‘Culinary Capital of the Philippines’ and the ‘Tilapia Capital of the Philippines’. Continue reading