stockholm property

More and more people in the Nordic Countries are leveraging Online Real Estate offerings – these are the latest insights provided by comScore MMX™.

The number of people who used Real Estate sites to browse, find, rent, buy or sell properties increased by 1.2 million, equaling a Year-on-Year growth of 37%. In February 2013, 19% of all onliners visited a Real Estate site via a desktop computer or laptop – in February 2014, housing sites and portals reached every fourth user in the Nordic Countries.

Not only did total visitor volumes increase, but also the users’ engagement: the Average Visits per Visitor grew by 24.4% from 3.8 to 4.8 per month.

While the market structures in Sweden, Norway and Finland allow for the clear identification of market leaders in each country, the Online Real Estate industry in Denmark is distinct for its more intense competition, leaving a range of similarly-sized sites just outside of the Top 10.

These developments place the Real Estate market among the top growing online industries in the Nordic Countries, opening up new opportunities for portals, brokers and advertisers.