Pampanga property for sale

Sitting on the northern shore of the Manila Bay, Pampanga is mainly an industrial province specializing in farming and fishing. The province is known for its sophisticated culinary work. The dishes here can be considered one of the best ones you can find in the country. It’s rightfully dubbed as the ‘Culinary Capital of the Philippines’ and the ‘Tilapia Capital of the Philippines’.

Pampanga houses the Clark International Airport, which could be considered as one of the gateways to the Philippines. Tourism is also a growing economy in the province with Pampanga’s famous festivals (Giant Lantern Festival in December, and Hot Balloon Festival in February, to name a couple) and natural parks like the Pinatubo Crater Lake. On the other hand, the Clark Economic Zone also offers a myriad of resorts, shops, and hotels to travelers and tourists.

Pampanga property for sale

There are dozens upon dozens of properties for sale in Pampanga. It costs about P110, 000 per square meter for you to buy an apartment here. For renting, however, it only costs about P4, 500 for a single bedroom apartment. It also costs approximately P16, 200 for a three-bedroom apartment in the province. Condominium units can reach hundreds of millions of pesos.

The province is also at the forefront of the economic development of the Philippines. The country’s property market outlook promises an astounding and positive growth this 2019 and its upcoming years. Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC) predicts that the growth of the property market will reach double digits with the next two years. From this growth, new opportunities for you to invest will arise.

Pampanga villa

With the slowly increasing tourist presence in the province, this growth will be apparent in the near future. Pampanga will become a hub for commerce and industry in the Philippines and investors like you will flock towards it. This emerging city is providing the opportunity for you to buy and invest in the properties for sale in Pampanga.


Great rewards will come to those who wait. Patience is needed in investing, especially so in emerging areas like this one. Pampanga is the place that you’re looking for to invest on. Pampanga is becoming a suburban district. The province is highly accessible and has many opportunities for both jobs and leisure. Investing in this province will surely yield great rewards and profits for you in the long run.

Pampanga villa for sale

The Philippines is fast becoming one of the leading countries in the economic race of South-east Asia. As the country develops, so does its cities and its way of living. It is high time to be a part of this growth and development. Be one of the successful pioneers of this thriving country. You should not miss out on this golden opportunity to invest. Take part in the race that will put our country at the top of the economic ladder. Invest in Pampanga and make it your first step.

A lot of properties for sale in Pampanga are of high-quality and made by trusted developers from the country. Invest in this emerging city now and reap your rewards later.