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As finding a house is never an easy task, this guide is focused on expats in a bid to buy or rent a property for sale in Singapore. As a foreigner in Singapore searching for a property, deciding on the best location that will properly suit you and perhaps your family, might be difficult. Hence, this guide focuses on the top four areas that an expat should consider before purchasing property in Singapore.

Singapore is a lovely island, featuring the best state of art dining, hotels, shopping, gardens, parks and entertainment. This renowned reputation is emphasized in the below reviewed top Singaporean areas.

Districts 15 and 16 – East Coast Vicinity

Whether your interest is in leisurely activities, sports or what have you, the East Coast Park is known to be full of different possibilities. Several activities such as cycling, bowling, canoeing, windsurfing, sailboarding, and roller-blading can be thoroughly enjoyed in the fantastic East Coast Park.

east coast park singapore

The Laguna Golf Course and East Coast Tennis Center are other leisure-related attractions that add to the beauty of the park. Expats decide to live on the East Coast because it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Moreover, the east coast offers better food choices especially the excellent seafood at several excellent seafood restaurants.

Some apartments such as the Costa Del Sol and Bayshore Park offer a wide sea view. Some others like the Camelot, Pebble Bay, and Costa Rhu offer spectacular views of the beachfront river. As the east coast is also close to the American School and the United World College, it’s a beautiful location for families.

District 9– Killiney, Orchard, River Valley and Grange Precinct

The Orchard Road consists of the major shopping areas of Singapore, which includes main department stores, boutiques, hotels, entertainment venues, and dining. The residential areas in this fantastic district are found on Cairnhill to the north of Killiney, Grange, Orchard Road, and River Valley to the South.

The River Valley Road and Grange Road are developed with condos like the Grange Residences, Spring Grove, Grangeford Apartments, Regency Park, Horizon Towers, and Valley Park. These make this district one of the most sought-after residential areas in Singapore, which is very popular in expats.

orchard road singapore

District 10: Bukit Timah precincts, West of Paterson Road (Orchard) to Holland

The District 10 offers you the ideal well-scrubbed dwellings with leafy suburbia on spacious plots of lands. International and local schools, Orchard malls, supermarkets, CBD areas, and Holland Village are easily accessible from the location. This district’s areas are a favorite among both locals and expats.

bukit timah singapore

Districts 1 to 8 – Marina Bay, City, Raffles Place and Sentosa

If you’re an expat in Singapore and you like to stay near your workplace, then the property you choose should be within walking distance of your workplace. Properties in these areas are close to the Singapore Business District and also close to the commercial food courts, retail shops, and restaurants.

marina bay singapore

Now that you know the best areas to get a property for sale in Singapore find one suitable for you and enjoy your stay.